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I think your other title would have been funny. :) I hope 2013 is a much better year for you.

It was a strange mix of excellent and bad things in 2013 for me. Emma graduated and started college (excellent), but my health was not great (bad).


Happy new year, i'm sure you will have a better year ahead.


I am sooo in agreement about this past year! Looking forward is all we have, so here's to s spectacular 2013.


Sorry 2012 was rough for you, but I hope 2013 is fabulous! Your girls are so big now, wow!


Happy 2013!! This will be a wonderful year for you Michelle! I am glad you enjoyed the last few weeks - sounds wonderful! Hugs to you and those beautiful girls.


Sounds like a good attitude, Michelle! Bad days gone, good days here. Sounds like some great days spent with the girls. Takes me back to the "old days" when I was a SAHM and Winter Break. I don't know why, as adults we don't get winter breaks? lol

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