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Oh, Jessica's note has filled my eyes with tears so goodness knows what it did to you! It is hard, this juggling of work and life. My part time job is at the school, and really ridiculously child friendly but even so the guilt is there on mornings when they look tired enough to warrant a day at home but not sick enough for me to ring in and say I can't come to work. I am sure you will make it work, and how lucky your girls are to have had you to themselves for this long! Hugs to you all.


When I was a kid my mum left for work before I was supposed to be up, so I would get up extra early , she would do my (very long) hair for me and then I would go back to sleep. At first it was awful but it soon became normal. Don't beat yourself up too much.


Aww, very cute! They'll be proud of you when they are old enough to understand.

I went to DC on a red-eye on Tuesday night to attend a meeting on Wednesday from 9:30-3:30 and came right back. Airport to airport, it was 24 hours (with the taxi rides and waiting at the airport, it was more like 27 hours). And when baby saw me, it was beautiful to be home!


Oh Michelle, I've been thinking of you, missing you here, and have been meaning to write. You know how the days just slip away.

I am so sorry this has been so hard. But, you know you are the most awesome mommy and your girls will see how strong you are for doing this for them. You'll find a new rhythm soon and it will feel better.

Biggest hugs!!!

Michele C

Oh, goodness, my heart goes out to you! You have some great foundation years at home, and you are in such a routine of school mom stuff and crafting that as soon as you settle into your new schedule, I bet you start fitting those things back in. Take your time and you'll know just what to do when you have the opportunity. Don't let the days get by you too quick. Be sure to take lots of time to savor!



That note is as adorable as can be. They obviously aren't angry or mad at you. Once they get used to the new routine, there won't be any more fear of missing out on Mommy, which is too bad because the snuggles and the snack sounds awesome. :) xoxo!

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