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nice site!
I see teeth falling out all the time in first grade. :)


I think my guys have their teeth permanently stuck in their mouths. They are both WAY behind on losing teeth. May have to get them pulled (eeks!)
I love the dollar box idea. Will have to remember that one~ if ever a tooth falls out again.

Happy end of summer and happy beginning of school. Hope you have an awesome first day!!!


She's riding a bike...better than mom or auntie huh?

Vernell Leider

That's one cool and crafty tooth fairy you have there. There have been a lot of blog posts about kids asking the tooth fairy if they can keep their teeth and still get the money. In her case, is she keeping it as a memento, or something?

Joel Jackson

Oh, nice! No training wheels! One more thing. That tooth fairy sure likes making arts and crafts out of the things she gives. ;)

Kristen Marlin

Rebecca looks so cute riding her little bicycle. She seems to be very happy with all the gifts her tooth fairy gave her, and that's why she doesn't look sad. =)

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