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No worries about the spam, I knew someone took over your account. I sent you an email letting you know but obviously you didn't get it since they erased everything. I use gmail and love it, I think you'll like it too.

Your peep pin is adorable. I've got those knit bunnies on my "to-do list". I'm hoping I'll be able to make a few tonight.

Happy belated Easter!


So sorry about the spam - I emailed you too but I guess it's gone into the ether. Some people just have waaaay too much time on their hands if they can spend it messing up other people's stuff!

Love the peeps. I made something similar for my girls last year, but since we don't get peeps over here they weren't quite so excited as I was!


I had the very same thing happen to me on a hotmail account. Very sorry for what you're going through. I too changed to gmail and have had no problems since (and as a BIG bonus -- no junk mail at all!)
Love the peeps :)


the thing is - that spam is not even believeable ....
Sorry they got you and hope that gmail treats you better.


I'm really sorry that all of your saved items and emails are gone. That would make me sad.


I emailed you too. So sorry about those awful spammers.


Can you believe I just found that email in my inbox?! So I had to come over here and check that you were ok. Bloody hackers. I hope you've got most if not all of your email addresses back now. Hope you and the family are well! xoxo

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