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Michele C

Awesome! Isn't it wonderful to get paid well to do something you love! And then to have someone "famous" choose to wear the item, well, that's a whole other ballgame!


Oooh, I think that's very cool indeed! Good for you!


may i buy 3 too? each/color.
it's a very nice present for any occasion. please tell me how much and to whom i should pay. Or may i order from you directly? you should think of run a business of your own really.

Angela Prince-Bex

Well how flipping cool is that! Good for you. Great actually!!


Lenny?! How FANTASTIC is that???!!! Beautiful berets, no wonder he bought 3... What a great way to guage your talent!

Thanks for posting pics of your Lenny berets! I think it's so awesome. :)

Bonnie Brodmerkle

Wow! You now help accesorize a superstar!!


That is so cool! You'll have to be on the lookout of him wearing one of the hats. Maybe google his name every once in a while.

Thanks for sharing a link to my origami hearts in the post below :)


Okay, that is just too cool! I just told Emma about it and she said "Lenny Kravitz?" :) I feel the same way about my knitting class money - it feels good to contribute.

joy williams

That is AWESOME!!!
I was a huge Lenny Kravitz fan back in the day!

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