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Hurrah! Glad it all turned out OK in the end.


Whew! That's a relief! I had a feeling you wouldn't stop looking for it until you found it. :)


Yay!!!! So glad it turned up!

Two years ago, after I had my baby girl (3rd child), I discovered your blog (the first I ever started reading) and have been following you ever since... I was so inspired by your little tooth pillow that I had to make my boys little tooth pins to wear when they go to the dentist.

Thanks for your inspiration :)

Loretta John

Are they still keeping their tooth pillows? Their teeth should be all permanent by now. Oh wait, is that a tooth locket she's holding in the last photo? It really looks like a big tooth! Well, just like dottycookie, I'm also glad that everything went well in the end. Some tooth fairies are excused from being late anyway. :D

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