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Thanks for the tip! I'm going to check that out!

My blog list goes in waves - sometimes I have a bunch then I pare down then I add more. :)


I'll have to check that out when I'm on the computer next. Lately I've been reading on my phone. I don't get the same options in the mobile version.

Michele C

I love it! Thanks for the links. As a blogger who loves to see folks stop by and actually look at my, I feel the same pull to atually stop in at my favorite blogs instead of reading through the post on the reader. This is so easy, and each next is a surprise.

Michele C

Now, of course, I just blogged about "next," too. It was like the easy button, but it's the next button.


cool! I just fixed my settings! It's awesome.

May Kristin

Thanks for this post! I've done this, and it works perfect! The best thing is, I think, that it takes me directly to the blogpost where I can see the layout of the blog, and all the comments. I more often leave a comment when I'm reading the blogs this way than in Bloglines or the 'normal' Google reader.


Thanks for the info I also dreaded opening google reader and had lost interest now with next I am enjoying it again. So thanks once again.

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