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Oh, i thought school would started on Wednesday. congratulations, Michelle, you'll have more free time for yourself from now on. i know it's hard to see them go... wait until they are going to college. Just enjoying whenever you can watch them growing.


Sending lots of cheery thoughts to you as you get used to this new phase. Lucky girls and lucky teachers to have such cute gifts! I'm just in the middle of thinking what to make for my two and their various little friends who are about to start 'big school'. It's a very bittersweet time of year.


What to go, Mom! Sending off two beautiful students with gifts really sets the tone for the year. I hope everyone adjusts well.



you are so sweet Michelle. I love the little gifts you made. So, sweet.

Enjoy your quiet time :)


I really love the photo of the girls! They both have huge smiles and I like how Rebecca looks like she's leaning in to whisper some school advice to J. So cute!!!


Such a hard thing letting go... I have three, 2 boys and 1 girl, my first is starting grade 2, my second starting grade 1 :( .... still have baby girl home with me :) LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pencils! I crochet so I'm going to try to duplicate your idea, if you don't mind, that is... unless of course you have a pattern you'd like to share ;) My guys LOVE when they receive mommmy-made gifts... you inspire me to do more, thank you.

Your daughters are beautiful and look so happy to be starting school... makes the separation soooo much easier don't you think???

We start on the 6th of September (Canada)... still time to cram in lots of family stuff.... but my boy babies are excited to get back to their friends :) and that makes me okay with everything.


Just another milestone in your life and the life of your children. So I guess things will be getting pretty busy for you again. Adorable pencils and cute little 'energy' gifts for the teachers. They're going to love having your kids just for all the perks they get! :)


Eeeek! Your little girls are adorable! What a great mom you are -- those little pencils are such a fun, cute idea!


your girls are so sweet.
the little pencils are adorable, they must love it.

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