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I really like what you did with your bathroom! And I second your plea for no wall-to-wall carpeting in a bathroom. Our downstairs bathroom was that way and I was so relieved when we ripped it out. Good luck with your painting!


It's beautiful!!! I love, love, love the tile. Who knew, a little bit of paint could do wonders and that super cute vanity. You did a great job. We always used to wait to fix things up for new buyers. It's such a drag. So much nicer to be able to enjoy it yourself first.


I said the same thing about our house when we bought it -- movin' on up in a couple years when we have a little equity built -- and then the Recession of the 80's hit, then a ton of other things. Twenty three years later and I have too much junk to move. Forget it. The people we bought from were the original owners, and if this house was good enough to raise 2 children in, then by golly it's good enough for us.

I've got the same hideous bathroom vanity that came with the house. One of the joys of growing old is that your eyesite goes, just a bit. And at this point, if I don't see it, I don't worry much.

Happy Weeked!

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