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Midnight Design Studio

AWE!!! LOvE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! Now I'm beyond excited to receive this package! Good job Ladies!!! I love it all!!! I especially like the fact that each cloth goes to each of the animals. You are so blessed with such sweet Littles! :)

And dare I ask... who is the adventurous super hero caped girl in green?! ;)

Midnight Design Studio

ps - I'm your newest blog follower. ;)

Michele C



What a great cause Michelle. I'll have to go through our used T's and see what I've got. When I see the pictures on Yahoo, it makes me feel sick. Our baby's beaches are getting ruined more each day.


You are amazing!

I think they extended the deadline. I may still have time to get a package off when we get back from our vacation.

Kathryn McDwell

Hmm... Your kids just made an idea pop up. What if I use this happy, lively, and colorful theme for a blog's design? Oh, your kids are great artists, by the way.

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