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cute ribbon!
didnt know you could get ones with writing on them - ive only seen the 'happy birthday' or 'season greetings' ones : )

Joey Ramone

Oh, what a cute little ribbon! I don't think I could use it though as I didn't like school at all... or did it say "I DON'T <3 School"? :-)

And I wanted to thank you too for the lovely comment you left on Feeling Stitchy about my Little Tiger embroidery, that was really sweet of you!

Best wishes
Joey x

Pom Pom

Cute! I love all things school!


Waaaahhhh! I love that ribbon. (I commented before on it and you were so sweet to reply back.) I am so glad it got a lot of use. And the gift for your daughter's teacher? Oh my- so cute! And the notebooks for her classmates! You are so thoughtful!

Junie Moon

Good use of all your ribbon and I bet you were relieved to have enough to finish the last gift.

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