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About how many rows did you do to get to 36"?


I'm sorry, Alli, I don't have the blanket any more and I can't check. But if you look at my gauge at the beginning of the pattern, I think the math works out so that I did about 72 rows... right?


I was just wondering how many oz skeins you used. Did you use the 6 oz skeins and used two of each color or the 3 oz skeins and used two of those? Yarn is on sale right now and I'm on a budget so I want to make sure I get enough with the least amount of money!! =D (BEAUTIFUL work by the way) Can't wait to make my own!! =) Thanks for sharing this!

joanne hamilton

i think the blanket is beautiful but i have a problem reading panterns any suggestions on how to understand them...


r u sellin this?


I have a question. I started this and my stitches are waaaay off. For row 2 is the 2 dc in the beginning part of the 4 dc or no? I hope this makes sense, please let me know!

Beth Button

So. so beautiful! I just love everything about it!

Debby Ursu

Caron Simply Soft comes in a 3 oz. skein and a 6 oz. skein. Which one are you referring to in your notes? Thanks!


Thank you so much for this pattern, it's really easy and looks great!

I wonderd if it would be okay if I wrote the same pattern but in swedish on my blog? ofcourse with a link to your blog and this post.


Ok I know this is super old but I'm trying to figure something out....In row 2 (and beyond) where are the "2 dc in each of next 2 sts,"? Are they in the "2 dc in each of next 2 sts" from the row before? I seem to be in the 2 stitches just after this...not sure if I'm doing it right.

Jennifer Miller

someone asked in an eaerlier post, but I didn't see an answer - I know you said you used barely 2 skeins of caron simply soft in each color, but what size skein did you use? I know thay have the 3 oz and the 6 oz skein - I am using Vanna's Choice and I don't think I am going to have enough because I bought 2 skeins of each of 3 colors and I'm at 17 inches, so I have 19 to go and I am sure I will run out before I get to 36" - thanks for your help!


Sorry Jennifer, I always reply to emails individually, but I guess sometimes its better to do it on the blog within comments, so other people can see the answers, too.  Anyway, I'm sure I used the larger skein.  It was actually probably a 7 oz. skein,though.  I bought it ages ago (we're talking like 5+) at Michaels... I don't think that make that size anymore but I found another skein of a different color in my stash, and it says 7oz.  Hope that helps!


LKK- I had the same problem - mine started out nice and full of ripples, but about 5-6 rows in, I started getting waves instead. I frogged it and am now starting again, being sure to keep my stitches tighter - I think it might help. Hope so!


Hi!! I LOOOVE this pattern and the colors are great! Trying to make something like this for my cousins baby shower; is it normal for the first few rows of the blanket to seem crooked? I'm new to crocheting and this is my first time trying to do a wave pattern ;) thanks so much!


Hi, The above articles is very impressive,


So cute. I will be adventuring into this pattern this week to make a yellow and pink blanket for a co-worker who's wife is due at the end of April. I hope I can finish on time.


I made this for my cousin's son a couple of years ago. I loved it so much I searched for this same pattern again so I can make it for my own son. For my cousin, I used a dark blue, light blue, and grey. I may make a brighter one for my son. Thanks again for the wonderful pattern! I love it!


I was looking for afghan patterns on Ravelry and came across yours. It struck me because these are the exact same colors (and nearly the same pattern) my mom used to make me a blanket over 20 years ago! My grandma used a 7 st, dc, 7 st, inc pattern. But great job on the pattern and I'll be making one. :)


I've made 2 of these now. In this round I am making one that is 28" wide so it's 4 sets of 14 + 3 for turning. I doubled the yarn (Caron simply soft) and amusing a J hook.
This time around though...I'm noticing a line forming lengthwise at the end of a ripple. I've double checked my stitches and everything is correct. What could be causing this?


Pretty! Thank you for sharing this for free:)


This is the pattern I'm going to be using for a baby afghan!!! A family down the street (my husband knows the dad through the military--they're from the same unit) is expecting a baby, and I wanted to do something a little different than my usual sewn gift (quilt, diaper bag, burp cloths, etc.). This would be great to use 4 colors in (my choices are blue, red, black, and tan, as my husband doesn't know what gender the family is expecting)!

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