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Yea for writing your own pattern! It's a great blanket!


Is it just me, or is everyone breaking for the freezer to see what ice cream's left????

Michele C

Beautiful! The colors are perfect, too. I've been wanting to try one of the ripple stitches but never make it through. Maybe with your instructions I will.

Petit Filoux

Love your choice of colours!


Michelle! You are a very talented designer. I saw this blanket in person and the colors and stitch combination is really beautiful.


I lost you after chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ~ jk :)

So pretty Michelle. I started one of those blankets over a year ago and you are on your second after a few weeks! I am slacking! Well, at least you wrote this nifty pattern. I'll never be able to remember what I was doing before.


Such a pretty afghan Michelle. You do such perfect stitches. Mine would've been all wonky. Congrats on some extra income.


This is fantastic! So gorgeous. And I'm with Liz--how do you get your stitches so perfect?

Crocheting Nana

This pattern is BLOODY BRILLIANT! I am only on row 4, but it is wonderful and easy to follow. It is awesome! You did a great job! If you like, I can post a pic of mine when it is finished. Just let me know. Someone else posted your name as Michelle. Well, Michelle, thank you very much!

Crocheting Nana


Beautiful blanket. I've wondered the same thing about using fsc for increase and decrease rows ... I'm SURE you can. I'll just have to figure it out (making note in notebook).


I love this blanket. I was looking for a pattern to do a camo style and this is perfect!!! I do have to make a blanket for a girl and I think I'm going to make the Pink, white, and brown one!


Oh, this is beautiful! It's going on the list of projects to make for my soon-to-arrive niece! :) Just one question (I'm still a little new to crochet)...could you tell me how to do the 'decrease 2x'? Thank you!


I have the same question as posted earlier - What do you mean by "decrease 2x"?


You'll be doing two decreases in a row. So, four stitches will become two. If you're unsure as to how to work a double crochet decrease, there are videos on You Tube or you can Google "dc decrease" and lots of illustrated links will come up. I tried to explain in words here, but it's too confusing and is actually much easier than it sounds. Hope that helps a bit.

Echo M

This pattern would look wonderful if you did the same stripe widths, but instead of going CA, CB, CC, CA, CB, CC try going CA,CB,CC,CB, CA, CB, CC, CB, use a lot more of color c and a, but it looks fabulous...

sarah london

absolutely beautiful!!!

Echo M

I am finally getting this one started. Doing it in 4 rows each of Lemon and Blackberry then one row of Sage, then back to Blackberry and Lemon. Repeating that pattern to the end. All of my yarns are Caron Simply Soft Collections, I will be chronically this on my ravlery (here: and on my blog (here:


The blanket is so pretty. The matching ribbon is a Great display.

Mary Scott

Hi there,
I was just wondering what make of wool you used for this blanket and how much you needed for the 36"x36" blanket?
Kind regards,


This is exactly what I have been looking for as I have been browsing online for ideas. I am going to make this in chocolate, light blue, and cream for my new nephew on the way!

Riya B

What a cute pattern! Do you repeat from * to * and then do another 2 dc in the next stitch?


Love the ice cream blanket!.....need to make a blankie for my great niece's expected baby girl.....think this might be the one.....been meaning to try one of these new versions of a ripple........


A wonderfully pretty afghan for a baby. Never been a big fan of the ripple but yours just looks so great I might give it a go.


first project** i started out with a ripple and by the 5th row i now have a wave*** any susgestions??how many stitches should i have in each row across?

Funky Monkey Girl 04

I love this!! Your instructions are so easy to follow! I am making a baby blanket for my friend and wanted to do a wavy style, but the book I had was very confusing. You did a wonderful job of explaining what to do!! I will send you a link when I am finished!! Also wanted to add that I just taught myself to crochet about a week and a half ago, and already have made a purse, cell phone cover, and started one one blanket plus this one!! I love it so much!! Who would've thought?!

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