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Wow! Those are so beautiful! Did you get any sleep while you were making them? It must have taken forever!

Sandy Shirley

I love, love, love these! You are so smart and talented to make them! I'm going to follow your lead and make some for my daughter's upcoming wedding!


The teachers are going to cry when your girls leave that school. I know that they feel loved and appreciated. Parents like you are every teacher's dream.


Those are utterly gorgeous. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - those teachers are lucky to have you as one of the mums!

Junie Moon

I would indeed feel appreciated. The flowers look amazingly real and it's one bouquet that won't wilt and can always be around to remind you that people do care.

Michele C

You are going to be a legend in that place. The next classroom moms are going to be afraid to take your spot!


very nice flowers!


Those are beautiful Michelle. Girl, you are amazing!!!!


You are amazing. The flowers are beautiful! man, I probably should be making our teachers some end of the year gifts too!

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