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Ugh, test for little people are just horrid. There's a move in the UK at the minute to try to scrap the standardised tests for 11 year olds. We'll see.


It sounds like you're doing a great job! It's testing time around here, too. I just registered Emma for the SAT. How did she get old enough to take that?! :)


We loath that time of year -- they plan everything down to the very last half-second to accomodate the testing schedule including starting school in mid-August so they have the optimum number of teaching days before the testing begins.

The one thing I've learned about those tests is that "Johnny" still can't read, but they have better charts and statistics to tell you that. I wish we'd just chuck the whole lot of them and spend the zillions of dollars wasted on better teaching and teachers.


I am a teacher, and I agree with Liz above- ugh. I think all teachers do!

You handled that beautifully! I love it when parents don't stress the kids out even more than they already are.

I love the ribbon! Where did you find it?

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