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Your post made me laugh. 42 years ago, my due date was also April 15th. The day came and went. My daughter was born on May 30th. I was a walking joke for 6 weeks. Talk about messed up cycles for the wrong due date. Glad yours turned out well, as did mine with only 1 labor pain.


oh Michelle, I'm teary eyed. Our babies are getting so big! 5 is not a baby anymore. She looks so happy and sweet with her beautiful earth cupcake.

Happy birthday little Jessie.


Gorgeous. See? You didn't need to worry!

And I am completely stealing that flower tag idea for our next party!


Happy birthday to Jessie! I love the earth celebration!

Michele C

Happy Birthday, Jessie! So sweet!


Don't worry, with plate tectonics, the continents will look like that (eventually...). LOL. They do look fantastic!


I love your cupcakes! Simple, yet perfect! Thanks for linking up to my linky party!
Rebecca of the R&W Gals


Sweet! Happy birthday to her (a bit late)! Love the cupcakes and the seed tags and the pencil cup and everything you've done lately. One thing that has helped me with cupcakes is using a 1/4 cup cookie/ice cream scoop. It gets just the right amount into the cupcake liner and usually they don't overflow. :)

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