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Looks like little birdies on a branch to me :-)

Oh, yes, the guilt thing. Is there a mother anywhere who doesn't feel it? I don't think you should add to it by making yourself feel guilty about feeling guilty though! Your little ones will survive not having parties - sometimes I think the non birthday get togethers we have are more fun than the full on birthday ones anyway! Chin up, you're doing a great job. And now if only I could take some of my own advice ;-)


You know, I was talking about this yesterday. That feeling when you lay in bed at the end of a rotten day and you really do think you are the worst mother in the world.....think back to when you were a kid and the things that you can remember from age 5 ....they will never remember if they had a whizz bang party on that particular day - but they will remember if you stopped the housework and played with them...or made dress-up costumes or all the wonderful things that you do take the time to do!!!
try and be a bit kind to yourself and you can always email me - I am THE WORST MOTHER IN THE WORLD and I have a medal to prove it.


The other ladies are right. Being kind to yourself will make you a better mother, so let's work on that, OK?

Besides, I firmly believe the brain can only hold so much through a lifetime -- like a cup. Some goes in but at some point it begins to flow all over the table and down the legs. No one remembers 100,000 "special things" in their lives. It's those extra special, not repetitive events we cherish in our old age.

Oh - and motherhood? It's not a competition measured by Goodie Bags and Gymboree head-to-toe outfits. It's all about hugs and snuggles and raising productive members of society. They pick our Senior Homes, as the bumper sticker say. (wink!)


You are a wonderful mom to your girls! And I agree with Jodie. They will remember and appreciate the things you do with them. (I had two parties growing up and I can't remember either one of them. But I do remember my mom sitting at the kitchen table, helping me make book plates to go into my new set of Little House on the Prairie books.)

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