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Great tip - pencils come in useful all over the place. Broken/blunt ones are great or pushing out corners without making holes - but I bet you already know that!


Could you send some of that inspiration my way?????

Thanks for the pencil tip!!!

Michele C

Good idea. I was turning a tube making myself crazy some time ago. I was trying to use a sort of chopstick, but the eraser can make a grab. I keep meaning to pick up some of those surgical scissors that grab but never remember.


Genius, sheer genius. And I love your pencil assortment.

emily mcdonald

Hey! That's a great trick too! Thanks!


Good trick, thanks for sharing.

liz noonan

what a great idea! thanks for the tip!

Crafty Mummy

Great idea! Thanks for sharing

Jill B

Awesome! I can't wait to give this a go next time I'm in that situation. It should save time and curses!


little tips like this are invaluable. Thank you sooooooo much.


oh my gosh, I wish I had seen this tip three days ago - I went crazy turning two straps for a tote bag! Definitely trying this instead next time!

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