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Such great colours - sounds like it was the perfect gift.


Holy crap! I wish you knew me when I was 8-years old! I would have loved all those awesome, handmade gifts. :)

OMG, rock that 50% off coupon! We've had to buy some apartment stuff since we moved, and I've actually taken my bed bath and beyond receipts back to have them adjusted when I get their 20% off coupons in the mail. Tip: they take expired coupons, too. :)


What a great gift!!! I've done that with my 50% off coupons, too. It feels kind of silly but many times there is nothing more I need. Especially now that I'm trying to use up what I have. :)


Handmade gifts are so much more appreciated and look nicer than something that's wire strapped and stapled inside of a cold cardboard box. This is one of my favourite gifts to give little people... I think they all aspire to be chefs at some point :)


Can't find your email. Re: on being "fixed". I KNOW ! Dr. thought for sure he'd found the problem and fixed it. We're not sure what's going on, thanks for leaving a comment. ;o) ooxx`jodi

urban craft

Nothing wrong with being chea- I mean frugal. That just means you have more money to spend on your craft addictio- I mean, hobby.

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