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Michelle K.

So sorry! That would be devastating considering I
love any and all fruit!!!!!!!


Oh no - that would be a tragedy. DO take care though!


OK, make someone else, choose cut and peel. then eat a little bit and see how you might just be an aversion to the actual work involved.

I hope thats all it is.

Petit Filoux

That is seriously rubbish, nectarines are soooo tasty! :-(


Oh no!!!!!! Be careful!


Your throat was itchy and swollen just from preparing the peach? Maybe you should check with your doctor. Be careful!

I'm going to have to check out that book you mentioned!


Crazy! I was going to suggest pesticide allergy, but looks like you already thought of that. Have you tried an organic peach?


Have you tried the white nectarines? I have to say - white peaches/nectarines are my most favorite fruit of all time. It's like eating a flower - I would be devastated if I were allergic!


oh, no. Becca can't eat strawberry, now you can't have peach. fortunately, there are cutties and many other fruits--it's california, don't worry. please remember to ask your doctor when you have an appointment next time.


I'm in mourning for you, dear Michelle.


Sorry to hear it. Same thing happened to my daughter. First, it was apples. Then pears, peaches, plums, apricots.... didn't matter if they were organic or not. Seems my sister-in-law has the same problem - it's a weird allergy and all I could find on it was that fruits with malic acid cause the problem.


Oh please do be careful. I know people can be allergic by touch and not by ingestion, but it can be the beginnings of full-on peach allergy. I've also heard of people being able to tolerate foods from a new allergy after doing body cleanses. I'm not quite sure what that would involve though.

I'm so sorry. I would be pretty bummed too~


That would be a bummer because those look totally delicious. My favorite fruit of all time is mangos and I am deathly allergic

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