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That's gorgeous! Is it the stitch pattern that you're doing not-a-instructed ... because maybe yours is better. :)

Petit Filoux

Oh no what a waste!! Always, always read the instructions properly!! (I'm saying for myself here as well!)


Oh, I just hate it when that happens! It is a beautiful project though.

Junie Moon

Don't feel bad, I just finished knitting a pair of mittens and realized one of the thumbs now looks like a tiny nub -- which isn't going to work. So, I'm back to starting over and figuring out what I did wrong. In the meantime, your own efforts look lovely despite your little boo-boo. The color is gorgeous.

zakka life

It's always so frustrating when that happens. I think every knitter/crochet can say, "been there, done that". On the up side, the project looks really pretty.


you know, I hate when that happens. On the other hand, while you were knitting, no doubt, you were enjoying the process, right?

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