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Maybe Rudolph is trademarked? Very cute idea! I've never seen a crimper before - very cool!


Maybe Randolph was was that mysterious "other" reindeer, as in "all of the other reindeer." Never mind. He had a bad attitude. Little did he know that he would be immoralized in wrapping paper for all eternity.

That's how it goes sometimes.


Love this idea...! Always looking for good favor ideas... thanks!


You always have the cutest ideas! Randolph - hilarious!! We got a snowflake sticker book this year with all 8 sided snowflakes. Yeah - the editorial staff on christmas goods isn't so strong... Merry Christmas to you all!


these are great!!


Fabulous! Glad to see someone is crafting. I haven't lifted a needle and weeks and (just between you and me and the gatepost)I'm loving it!

Hope you have a fabulous Christmas. Catch up in the New Year when things are less hectic!


There's an old, old "Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer" cartoon on the end of the DVD "A Christmas Carol" starring Alastair Sim as Scrooge. My personal favorite version of this classic. Anyway, the cartoon was about Santa Claus naming Rudolph and that he didn't look like a Randolph. This is the only time I've heard of the name Randolph. Check it out, it is a really cute cartoon. Have a wonderful Christmas and thanks for your instructions!

Junie Moon

I love your packaging idea and am definitely adding it to my Christmas arsenal of tricks. As for Randolph, he's Rudolph's twin (but without the red nose) and serves as Rudolph's backup in case he gets the flu and can't fly on the magic night. Naturally, I made all this up as I've no true idea as to Randolph's actual identity. But it's fun to contemplate his origin.


Congrats on the win over at allsorts!


i have great give-away karma. i saw the allsorts post too...this is such a cute idea Michelle! i'm sure the kids were beside themselves to break into their packages.

have a Merry Christmas!! xx


what did you do for the teachers?-i am going to give my teachers presents after the new is too crazy right now


Those are adorable! I'm bookmarking this tutorial for next Christmas! :)

Mrs. Pickle

I totally agree! I teach preschool and there is nothing my kiddos love more than a toilet paper roll! The members of my household are firmly scolded if they dare to throw one away!!! RECYCLE PEOPLE!!!!!

Precious gift- you are so thoughtful and teachers adore parents like you!!!

Congrats on winning the giveaway!

connie jones

Great little treats. TFS!

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