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Michelle K.

I love the re-purposed tights!!!!! I love that you spent zero and that you used stuff you already had. How great is that. I'm sure the girls had a great Halloween!


I am very very impressed with the soda can/sock/fabric marker thing! WoW!!

The girls, the candy corn bags -- everything looks wonderful! You are such wonderful mommy.


Oh, you made such cute outfits - and without spending huge amounts. What a brilliant way to celebrate Halloween. I love the candy corn bags - Rebecca has lucky classmates!


Colouring all those stripes is some dedication! Hooray you.

katie r

i am sufficiently impressed! :)

kim @ mommyknows

So cute! Well done, very McGyverish indeed.


I wish you were my mum!

Liz wonder you're eating pb cups. You need the energy to keep going! :o) Love the bags, both big and small, the HK hat, socks, skirt....sing with me..."Wonder Woman"!! lol


I love your Halloween stuff! The girls look ADORABLE!

urban craft

I adore the candy corn bags. You go Magyver SuperMom!

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