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Michele C

Sweet! It's so nice you get to be such a craft mom at school for the kids. I was working - at home - but on such a tight schedule, I was too crazy to calm down and hang with the kids at school. I did do a couple of things, though, (and was calm!)and I remember the kids being so happy to show me off. Sigh... If I could go back, all the things I would change would be little events like that and knowing that I should stay calm and happy and just enjoy it all.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! We have a quiet one here with just the four of us but nice nonetheless.


I love your little turkey kits. The kids are going to have a blast making them.


Oh, and congrats on making it on EVERY feather! Good for you mommy!


I think the bowl idea is brilliant! The teacher must be very thankful for you. Can you imagine the kids trying to get them safely home without the containers?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Michelle K.

Brilliant. Have a great thanksgiving! I'm thinking about the Christmas ham already.....


hey, the photo of turkey is not that impressive. you can use mine that i took it from thanksgiving table---remember the one on top of the pumpkin pie?
love, mom

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