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kim @ mommyknows

Ughh! I've never made socks, but I did have second slipper syndrome!

Very cute!

Sara G

I was in a shop this summer that sold 3 sock sets, all different patterns that you were supposed to mix and match and wear in different combinations. So, you could potentially knit 2 complementary socks and I think it would be totally ok. The socks at the store seem to sell, my mom even bought a set (one stripes, one stars, and the other polka dots). Just a thought to get you through SSS. Check out this link.

Good luck!


I am finally finishing the first pair of socks that I started knitting. I'm also knitting the Mystery sock for Socktober on Ravelry - and that one, for some reason, I'm dying to start the second one - but I can't. Hopefully I'll get the second one of that set finished right away!


I can't even pick up a Harry Potter book without losing the whole wide world. It's hard to do much else.

I'll be cheering you on as you finish pretty pink sock #2.

Michele C

Solution: RUN to the library and get the book on tape or CD. There is nothing like listening to that man (Jim Dale) read every character, every word, and grow the voices with the kids throughout the years of Hogwarts. You will love it, and so will your kids! I have a Harry Fest every spring and relisten to Books 5-7, 5 being my all-time fave!

Junie Moon

Be careful with your cold. I caught one on the cruise from some fellow travelers and am having a problem getting rid of it. Tomorrow I have a doctor appointment 'cause it's at the "need antibiotic" stage and is no longer just a cold.

And you're right about the second sock syndrome as I have that, too. I'm loving those pink and white socks you have in progress.


Hope you're feeling better soon!

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