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zakka life

Very cute. I always enjoy craft projects revolving around hand & feet prints. I think it makes them extra special.


Awesome, what a great idea to do it on fabric!


These are so great. especially love the ghost feet!!I bet the kids got a kick out of that! har har...


Michelle, even if you KNOW you won't get to making something out of the little imprints now, why don't you capture their 'little-ness' now on some bleached muslin or black Kona with white paint. You can always do the sewing later but get those little imprints without delay. You know they'll both be in college tomorrow. :)


I forgot....those are adorable! hehe


These are fabulous! We don't 'do' halloween in Australia. Every time it rolls around and I see all the fun happening on the other side of the world I wish we did!

Junie Moon

I love these Halloween art pieces Jessie created. Some of my fondest memories are when my children came home from school and proudly presented their latest art works, always made me want to cry for the sheer joy of it all.

urban craft

oh my gosh, this foot ghost is so adorable I must do it. Do you think that a 2 year old will stand still long enough for me to pull this up. Better yet, I should do it when he's sleeping.
so cool!


perfect!! I've been looking for a cute halloween idea I could use to make a card to send the grandparents!! As soon as my little one wakes up from his nap, it's straight to the black paint for some bat wings!!!! hehe


I KNOW you posted the Boo feet and Bat wings a long time ago but I wanted to tell you what I did with HAND Reindeer horns this Christmas. I used them as a template, cut them out and made a pillow for my daughter. She made them in 2000 and she got them BACK in cloth in 2010. She ADORES it. SAVE THOSE ART PROJECTS!!!

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