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Love the lunch bag! Especially the way you pulled it all together from stuff you had on hand. And the little mascots are so cute! Can't believe how quick your girls seems to be growing :-)


Crafting is the best distraction - hope she had a great first day.


Lovely ideas - and I think I may be stealing the mascot one, though probably more as a comfort for me than for them!


Such lovely ideas - and I'm glad the first day back was fun. I think Rebecca is the same age as my elder daughter and I must admit the thought of the transition into (what is here) year 3, combined with the little one starting school in reception (kindergarten?) for the first time is proving very stressful for me. I need some crafting therapy to chase away my start-of-school nerves too. Though, of course, the girls are fine with it all!


too cute! Happy first day!


So very cute those little "softies" are. She will enjoy school, you'll see! (this advice coming from a second grade teacher * smile* )


Sending positive thoughts for your family Michelle. Of course everything you made is adorable. Hang in there girlie.


AAAH! They are so cute! As is that gorgeous tooth in your profile picture. TO die for!


Very great ideas. The lunch tote is such a great idea, and beautifully executed!

**thanks for your kind comments on In My Shoes.

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