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Owwww! My two are quiet upstairs at the moment - and you're making me think I need to go and check on them Right Now ...

Gretchen Skovron

Oh my word that is awesome! And love big sister's big girl teeth! So cute! How do they grow so quickly?!?!


That's hilarious!! I always know the kiddos are up to something silly when everything is super quiet.

Junie Moon

Children's ingenuity always amazes me. They look adorable.


Ha ha that hamming it up picture. :) Hope it wasn't hard to get off.

May Kristin

They are just too cute!!


Hysterical! Now go lock up your superglue.


oh how funny & so cute.


How funny! That looks like something my two girls would end up doing. :) Too cute! Isn't funny how little sisters will always do what big sis tells them.

Love your blog!


Liz Frisby

Man Michelle, you better sign that Jessica up for acting classes. Look at those faces! What a ham! LOL I had to forward this to my sister. She loved it too. Thanks for the laugh.


sorry about the 100 degrees...yikes! it should be that here...i'm so loving the weather we're having...probably shouldn't have told you that. love that your girls can amuse themselves...pretty creatively too!


Your girls are adorable! I love the tape fest. When mine were little and we had a very tiny bank account, Santa would leave a roll of Scotch Tape in their Christmas stockings. Many years is was their favorite present to use however they wanted.


Well, it looks like the girls are going to be all ready for their first brow wax in a few years!


I absolutely LOVE the third photo (with the tape dispenser). The looks on their faces are priceless!

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