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How wonderful that Rebecca wants to knit things for charity. Children learn from those around them: she is learning generosity, compassion, and love from you. You must be very proud.


That is so cute! As a mom to preemies, my knit hat gifts from the NICU were one of the things that encouraged me to learn to knit.


I am a premie-mom and my son got knitted boots to keep his big feet warm enough when he was in NICU in Amsterdam VU Hospital. I wish I would know how to knit such boots or these cute caps.... I would contribute to keep this going! as a preemie mom, I thank you for your time and efford, know that people like you are truly touching hearts at the NICU!

Hugs from the Netherlands
Winda aka DutchQ aka (*ΓΌ*)


Those are sooooo cute. We have a large group of women who make the little hats for the NICU babies at my hospital. I might have to share this pattern with them.

Liz Frisby

Adorable Michelle. Sounds like they worked up quick. Good job!

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