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oh that sounds like so much fun your girls are so cute!


So, does everyone put them back or was it just you kindly folks? Sounds like such a quirky activity - love it! And your girls really are the cutest.


wow, i wish i could be there. the name "michelle" must be Jessie's idea, right ? she got grandpa's gene.
haha, can't wait seeing you next month.
love, mom


so funny! Good for them that they didn't want to catch any!


some of my happiest childhood memories, napping in the car. what a lovely photo

I found you via Creative Kismet
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Looks like you guys had a blast!!

Karen aka Grammy Mac

Brought back friends and I used to go to Cabrillo Beach and do the grunion run every chance we got...did you go to the tide pools, too?

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