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Where did you go? It's funny to hear about it from the other side. At our museum, it's been busy but May...well, we call it May Madness. Imagine over 600 kids, 800 kids, we've had over 1000 kids on school field trips! :-)


Anyone who takes a class of kids anywhere, no matter how well behaved they are deserves craft books in my opinion!


Ooh, I haven't seen those books before! They look great.

I teach kindergarten, so I'm with you on the counting the kids (over... and over... .... and over...). :) The field trips are fun, but can be a bit nerve-wracking.

Junie Moon

I know exactly how you feel as I've accompanied many a school field trip with my own children. While it was fun, it was also quite exhausting. Fortunately, we never came across any ... uh... "stuff" like you discovered. I don't know how teachers do it. So, you absolutely do deserve the new books and I hope you get many hours of pleasure from them.


Wow! You definately deserve some treats and new books! Your post made me think about when I used to be a substitute teacher. Once, I had to take the second graders to the ROLLER RINK for a field trip! Talk about stressful! I counted and counted and counted, which isn't easy when everyone is zipping by on skates. I was so worried someone would break their leg! LOL! Enjoy the new books! I can't wait to see a "Crobot!"


Yes you deserve those treasures! I spent yesterday wrangling 16 tiny tot dancers around a civic theatre. On and off stage and to the toilets and back to their mothers. I have to do it all again on Friday and again on Saturday...does that mean I get 6 new craft inspirational pressies? LOL!


wow! Sounds like quite an adventure!! :)



You so deserve the books. The green one looks good.

Gretchen Skovron

Oh you totally deserve the books. Can't wait to hear a review. :)


You so totally deserved some time to yourself! Especially after the unpleasant discovery. Yuck!

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