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Michele C

You know, you've really set yourself up for the future. Teachers will be fighting over who gets your girls -- and soon you'll have two in school!

Junie Moon

What cute Valentine goodies. That little mouse sitting on the swiss cheese heart is really adorable.


Ooo, look at all that loot! Jessie is lucky I don't live closer or I'd be tempted to come over and sample some. :)

I love your mouse! The Swiss cheese holes make me smile!


What adorable stuff! I love the mouse! Addie makes the same huge-eyed faces, and I love them just as much as you do. You should see her rendition of Hello fact, you will in a post soon. We're making placemats with insets of the kids' own illustrations.

Robert Mahar

Oh hurray! I LOVE that you used the valentine mouse pattern - and improved on it! Thanks for posting the pics - just adorable. =)


Adorable Valentine projects; it so great that you show your appreciation to the school staff! :)


I'm so impressed with how much time and attention you give your girls! And memories don't have to cost lots to be fun!! Congrats!


That little face. She must have you wrapped around her finger! lol Cute stuff Michelle. Good job mama.

Gretchen Skovron

oh that mouse is adorable! I may have to whip one boys are quite into mice these days. Many stories being read in our house about mice mice mice. wonder why?

Karen Witte-Elkins

I just found your blog and will start watching to see the fun projects. your little tooth was so nicely and NEATLY done! Your little one is a doll!

Sadie Calamaco

love your ideas! Thanks

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