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Michele C

I noticed the book at Barnes and Noble last week. I'm waiting for my extra 15% off coupon for members to come by e-mail this month, so I can grab it up!


Oh this looks adorable! Thanks for the tip;)


Holy Mole!!!!! The chills just flashed over my skin!!!!
I haven't even seen the book yet--still waiting for my copy. WOW! I'm so overwhelmed with excitement! It finally is out!!

Thanks Michelle~ you know how much I'd love to hang out and crafting & chatting. Your supportive and incredible friendship means so so much to me!!

Junie Moon

What a great idea, now ideas are fluttering about in my head like pillowcases hanging on a clothesline on a breezy day. Thanks for the info and links.


I love this idea. Upcycling!

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