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Cute projects! All the kids (and their moms!) are going to love them.

As far as "carrying them all in a bag" being crucial to the process, I'm betting you are going to have a purse fiend on your hands when she gets older!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Very cute ideas! Please tell Rebecca that I think she's doing a wonderful job on her treats! And I know that Jessie will do a wonderful job handing hers out to her friend!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Your projects are so sweet. Go Becca go!!!!!
The little felt hearts are wonderful. :-)


Wow, these are grea! That is some great sewing for a 6 year old.

I got lazy and bought Twizzer Valentines. You just write, right on the package. Every year I say I am going to get crafty and then never do.

HVD to you too!

zakka life

Very impressive for a six year old and they look adorable. How nice that your daughter enjoys crafting.

Missy Ballance

I'm impressed! Both V-day treats are super cute but all that sewing! Sheesh! Good girl! I used to sew all summer long when everyone else slept.... and I started when I was 6. I made pins, pillows, doll quilts/pillows... this is just the beginning for her right?


I'm so proud of Rebecca and Jessica!


Wow both valentine's idea are super cute! I love that Rebecca stitched most of the hearts; that's wonderful!


Love your Valentine handmade gifts! So clever and so colourful. The felt hearts are just too sweet, way to go Rebecca! And Jessie's flower hearts are such a great idea. I know what you mean about having to bring it all in a bag - my two girls can't go anywhere these days without a little bag of some sort.

I love all the work your daughter did! I am sure she will remember this Valentines Day better than if you had just done the store bought variety! What a cute idea!

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