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wow, that was very cool!

i will most certainly share the creations the girls make. prairie is turning 12 this year and they are all pretty adept with a needle as handwork is a subject a their school. like i said, i can't wait to see! thanks for dropping by.


how cool! pitty I can't draw!


Thanks for sharing this--so funny and pretty cool!


That is one of the coolest things I've ever seen! He even added a fireplace and incorporated his furniture. What an artistic and clever person! Thanks for sharing this.

Junie Moon

What an amazing use of Sharpies. I love all the detail he's put into his endeavor; the result is awesome.


Yes, keep sharpies out of the hands of little ones. Do you know how hard it is to paint over sharpie? It NEVER goes away. Ever! Sadly, I know this from experience. Finally we had to dig the marks out with a razo and then patched the wall- all this before moving from Dallas. Ugh!! Later we found out there is an easier way to get rid of those marks- just can't remember what that is now.


How cool is this? I love it. I am going to try this at home. I have a really narrow 18" wall that I might try and decorate.


verrrrry cool. and cheaper than paint!


i used sharpies to stencil some sayings around my dining room. so much cleaner and easier than paint!


please send me information about marker and ink(price-set-base material)

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