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Michele C

Oh, I wondered where you were! Hope all that sorts itself out quick. Get some money back for the downtime, too! -- Michele


That would be really, really hard to get used to! I think I'd have to run to the library every day or so just to check my email. I hope it's back for good. Is that snow from your house?


I feel your pain. We had 4 weeks of imtermittent access just before Christmas - but at least it was an hour here and there most of the time. The final 3 days of being completely disconnected before the phone company fixed it were pure agony!


Noooo - it's my worst nightmare. I'd just have to move into the Library and use their connection!


AAAAAACK!!! I missed seeing your little treats you're always sharing. Please don't go away again.


eek. no dsl = no fun! I like your hello kitty bottle! :)


oh no! what a frustrating way to start the new year!! hope it all works out soon.


Yay! I'm glad to see that you're back online! I am always amazed at how much I miss the internet when the connection is not working here. Hopefully, it won't happen again anytime soon! : )

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