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It's a bit more tricky but you can tape your design and fabric to the window to transfer your design.. You have to do it in daylight though, so I only ever start embroidery projects at the weekend!


Darned if we don't lose $5.00 bills in this house. Plus a ton of other things. We figure if we ever find the "safe place" I constantly put things -- it's going to fill up and be obvious. One day!


Oh my gosh, I can't even tell you how many double of things I have because sometimes buying the item is so much easier to look for it!


While decorating for Christmas in 2007, I put my regular candles away somewhere. It took me almost a year to find them. They were under my dresser, so you might want to check there for your light box. :) It's so frustrating to lose something in one's own house!


I'm sorry I did laugh about a lost light box, but I do know about having multiples of equipment, I moved a lot in the nineties and often never unpacked everything before I began crafting, so just got new bits. Recently I was looking for a large box of photo's from an extended overseas trip. Three days later I found them under the bed, that was after making a big mess of the storeroom!


I buy unnecessary stuff all the time! Ah well. I couldn't find my big white fluffy wreath before christmas. It was sitting on one of my craft shelves. I must have looked right at it a million times before I finally FOUND it. Duh!!


Too funny! I'm sure you'll find it. I don't think I've ever lost anything ... but I'm kind of afraid saying so is tempting fate. ;)


don't even get me started about buying's a scary thing we do.

as for the light box, have you looked under the bed?


This is not a big item, but I hid my fiance's birthday present last May...and forgot where I put it! Then, I was going to then give it to him for Father's Day, but that went by and I still couldn't find it...and believe it or not, it didn't show up for Xmas either. I think Valentine's Day is next?

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