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You're a miracle worker! Most parents have to get creative to keep little ones happy. Glad you have such good "tools" at hand, like super glue and sharpies!! I remember feeling rather overwhelmed when my kids were little. It's hard to be everything to everybody. Good job focusing in on the important things!


hahahaha that's awesome! the doggie IS cuter!


Lol - love that all it takes is a few eye lashes to make it okay. I will have to remember this in the years to come.


That's so funny. I love that you had to put eyelashes on the dog. At least these are simple fixes.


You crack me up. Those sharpie eyelashes are genius. Much, much cuter.


What a fun post! Sharpies are almost as handy as duct tape. :)

Gretchen Skovron

You are cracking me up this morning! The eyes on the dog! Hilarious! My boys refuse to play with anything that remotely looks girly. Sadly the crazy glue trick won't last long. We've had a few superhero heads snap off and I've tried the superglue and as long as the toy isn't played with it's fine, but once the kids get a hold of it...sadly it's back in 2 parts.

Tiff@Three Peas

LOL that is too funny! My daughter does that to her toys if she doesn't like there look. LOL


OK, the girl thing is hilarious, because I totally relate! Addie insists that everything is a girl. She even went through a phase (shorter than it felt) where she was all mama's girl and wanted nothing to do with daddy. Anyway, all of her animals are "she" and she'll correct you indignantly if you pick one up and call it "he".


Everyone should probably buy a case of Krazy Glue and a case of Shout when they become parents. We go through both of those products like crazy. My daughter is currently in a big boy/girl gender identification phase and it drives me NUTS!


Bwahahaha! Too funny, Georgie feels the same about anythink BIG she only likes small stuff! Actually, she only likes small dogs

It makes it hard for me to 'elf' away the issues! You did a good job!

Emalee Foote

what is the fairy called???????

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