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These are very special. I know for me, it's not often that the kids truly participate and enjoy the craft. Your cards are wonderful and I know the recipients will love them. And just so you don't feel bad, mine are going out tomorrow :D

Wonderful holiday celebrations to you and your beautiful family.


Merry Christmas!

Your cards are great! I often send my cards late (or not at all). Once I sent out a New Years letter instead. My mom's friend liked the idea so much that she switched to doing that each year. :)


these are adorable!! you did it, that's what matters. i resigned myself to send "new years" cards out this year, if i even make it to heart just wasn't in it this year for some reason.

have a wonderful, beautiful, shining Christmas Michelle!!


I think they're great because they're made with love by hand. Have a wonderful Christmas!


It's never too late, especially when they're that cute!


Those are beautiful, Michelle!

Merry Christmas!

Tiff@Three Peas

I wish I could see it! My internet is acting up. Merry Christmas~

Missy Ballance

Your cards are super cute and you are a good mom for letting the girls help :) I'm guilting of saying NO! I HAVE to get these done asap so I don't need help! LOL! And I think my friends and family appreciate the stuff more that the girls do anyway! LOL!


Love the cards Michelle. So cute and the girls helped, just like the Shake 'n Bake commercial. "And I helped!" (Said with a twang, of course) :o)

kiss my style

your cards are so cute - and amazingly detailed - i love them. you can tell you really love your art :)

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