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I don't own a cat. It's not that I don't like cats; I don't like being their owner. But I have to say that Cat Hoodie, for the Love of Pete, makes me wish I had a feline to knit for.

Well, almost!

Michele C

Nice colors! My cats would hiss at me - well, they are boys.


A cat hoodie? I am definitely asking my mother to knit that up for me. He keeps losing his collars, I wonder how long til he could manage to lose a hoodie...


I think my cat would kick my butt if I were to try to put that on her. It would be messy. Very Messy. Too bad, it is really cute@

frazzy dazzles

I wouldn't dare approach my cat with knitwear. She's not a clothes kinda kitty! More a trained assassin! Jen

Gretchen Skovron

seriously I can't imagine a cat in a sweater...this is borderline going to far. :)


Haha, you can blame it all on Rap Cat, haha. Molly actually wears it around no problem, especially outside in the snow. But she is admittedly a really odd cat and sometimes more like a dog than a feline. I think we have heard her hiss maybe once in her whole life!

I love the way the sweater turned out and I'm hoping you were able to find a use for it on a teddy bear or some such creatures.

Thanks again for test knitting! You were invaluable!

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