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I've never heard of sugared cranberries! They sound yummy.


wow! I saw them on sale, too, but I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with them. Now, I must go get some! Thanks! :)


That looks good. I'll have to try it.

frazzy dazzles

I'll have to search out some cranberries now! Happy New Year


Gorgeous! I wanna make. Thanks for the link!

(And happy new year)


ohhh yum. Looks like trouble. I could probably eat a whole bowl of those! Which is why I will wait till next year to make some. I'm already dealing with too much trouble around the thigh and tummy area.

Happy new year my friend. I hope it is filled with everything you desire! Thanks for my card too! You are so thoughtful and much more timely than me. I STILL have several cards that haven't been sent out. Bad, bad, bad.

Wow--I'm not sure I've ever had fresh cranberries before! But you like sour...


i bet the sweet and the sour make a good combo
never heard of it either

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