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Oh, those are so cute. How I wish I had a little girl so I could use things like that. I would totally pay $3 for them. Especially at school fund raiser when I know they're for a good cause.


Those are the cutest! I'll bet the Hello Kitty ones go fast!


Very cute. I was going to do some felt version for stocking stuffers.

Hope the bizarre is a success.

Michele C

I love them! It's fun to see my embroidery in someone else's creations! -- Michele


These are fantastic! I can't wait to see your sock guys! :)


I think that these are very desirable little girl hair bling. I agree with you that it's hard to make people see value in handmade originals when they can buy mass produced for cheaper....its a fact of life the world over I'm afraid! Jen

Gretchen Skovron

Oh those are so cute! You are giving me some idea for Christmas presents. I have a 4 year old on my list who would love hair bands.


Those are really cute! And it sounds like they were really easy to make. I might have to try that with some of my embroidered buttons.

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