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What adorable Halloweeny goodness! We have carved our pumpkins and we're going to a party but that's about as far as it goes here. Next week we have Guy Fawkes' Night when there will be fireworks and bonfires, and that's a far bigger celebration in the UK - at least for the moment!


That's a really cute card!

I put a fall wreath on the door and that's it. By the time I was ready to put out the cobwebs and orange lights, I realized I'd be taking them down soon. But we do have a pumpkin to carve. (That's my favorite part!)


Kudos to the pumpkin carvers. I like both of them, but the one on the right is my favorite.


Those are the cutest jack-o-lanterns I've seen so far!


I love the jack-o-lanterns. You have some talented helpers! Your daughter is as cute as they come. Happy Halloween.

Wayfaring Wanderer

What an adorable little one you have!

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