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Bless 'em. Happy Halloween


Adorable photos - and I love their skirts. I wonder if mine would go for something similar at Christmas? Hmmmm.


love their skirts! totally halloween chic!

Liz Andrsn

Man -
I hate those Commie School Administrators! My kids didn't even have school Thursday or Friday -- they finagled the school year so that those were the end of the quarter, and time for Conferences.
Bah-humbug, indeed.


I know!!!! What's the fun of dressing up when all your school buddies can't see your outfit! Geesh!

We couldn't do costumes either, but a certain "eye" tshirt was worn (he he he) You've gotta get the fun spirit in there some how!

Love these skirts! I think I will make one for my niece for christmas.


Oh! and those sleepy princesses are incredibly adorable!


what a wonderful very halloween-y skirts you've created. i hope two girls will remember it forever, just keep these two skirts, will you? love your spirits.
love, mom


The skirts are nearly as cute as the girls. Their little faces ... mmmmm ... cute!!

Do you think this is a skirt a beginner could make? If so I might try it.

We don't dare take Georgia driving after 4 pm or she is out like a light (unless we want her to sleep).


Oh my goodness!-- They're darling! All of it... The cute skirts, the costumed anticipation... Wonderful! Thank you for sharing this. --Beth


Those skirts are so cute!! Perfect for Halloween (if no costumes are allowed that is).


Even Rebecca looks tired in that photo! Sounds like a fun day. Great skirts!


Your cheeseballs are just the yummiest! Those girls couldn't be any cuter!

Gretchen Skovron

the skirts are awesome! I love the passed out picture, I have so many shots on my youngest exactly like that. Though my oldest then decides it's hilarious to poke his brother. ugh sibs. aren't they a hoot!


Aaaw, what little sweeties! Those skirts are too cute, and I love the tights! : )

Tiff@Three Peas

The skirts so so cute! ANd your girls are beautiful! My boys would not fall asleep in the car. i thought for sure they would.


The skirts are fabulous! I love that picture of the two of them sitting. sweet.
That and Jessie sleeping before the trick-or-treating fun even began! Cinderella taking a quick snooze before the ball perhaps.
One of my boys was allowed to dress up (no mask allowed)and the other one was allowed to wear a halloween shirt (they normally wear uniforms...all the schools here do). This caused some TENSION of course. But, we made it through the day...phew.


Your skirts are so cute -- and what great photos of your girls!

I am always surprised by how late in stays warm in California. Thanks for reminding me to leave my wool sweaters at home when we go to see my in-laws at Thanksgiving!


I stumbled upon your site and I have to say that those skirts are adorable!! And such a versatile pattern! I only have little boys in my house, but those skirts make me want to dress them up anyway....


those skirts are too adorable!
i love that last picture! so sweet! love the skewed tiara.

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