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Craft Tutorials


We noticed that you were writing for crochet along and we were wondering whether you would like to blog with us? Its a great oppertunity for you to promote your site and we really like your content.


Craft Tutorials



Told ya!
I'll gladly send you boxtops. I always feel guilty throwing them away when I know the can be used.


Does this mean I won't be getting any more boxtops from you for MY kids school??? Bummer.


Too bad we don't live closer. I'd be happy to come over and help you sort and bundle. That would make it more fun. I agree - having it organized the way you want will be better.


Oh, man! That's a lot of labels! That'll teach you to volunteer! ; )

Missy Ballance

Bless you for doing the box tops! My neighbor did it for her daughter's school when my daughter was just a tiny baby. So I learned a lot from her, and now won't touch it with 10 foot pole! But I talked a softball mom into it and told her I would support her! LOL! Seriously... you rock! All box top moms rock!


Well, I was going to write and say I'd save my boxtops for you (I used to save them for the neighbor boy but he grew up! lol) but when you said you'll do a had me. Actually, you had me at "If you want to send me labels" but the drawing was the clincher!!! :o)


Been there! done that! Now I just collect them for submission to my daughter's school!


are you collecting milk tops?


I collect these too! I have about 300 of them sitting in my kitchen waiting to be sent to the school for them to redeem. Campbells labels too. It is such a pain! But at least my girls like seeing them on boxes and cutting them out to put into the pile!

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