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Rebecca F.

OMG. I have no idea but that thing is awful!! I can't wait to hear what it is!


Things I love about living on the 12th floor in a building in the middle of Philadelphia ... #438: I haven't seen a spider for years.

Wow! That's a big'un ... (shiver)


I don't know what it is either but I doubt that it's toxic. Just remember that the majority of their size is in their weak legs. :) Now, I'm not afraid of spiders (used to have a tarantula as a pet), nor snakes (had those too), not even the Black Widows back home in Cali (which are toxic) but here in the mid-west we have the wonderful Brown Recluse Spider... enough to send shivers through even me (I was bit last year. Not fun). And we usually see them daily during the summer. Ick.


Woah - that sucker has really fat legs.


I think that's Charlotte's grandson. Ha Ha
( Charlotte's Web, by EB White, remember? )


Looks like it might be a ground spider - harmless...but ugly non-the-less!


Oh, you are brave! That is disgusting! The only thing that makes me brave enough to get rid of a spider is the fact that if I chickened out and left it be, I would always be wondering where it went and when it was going to pop out at me. Eeeew!




I am terrified of spiders! Oh, the stories I could tell you!! Anyway, that guy is probably not poisonous, just ugly. It's the brown recluse that should be feared. I have never seen one (hence the name, recluse- reclusive) but you usually don't. That's the problem....:( You are brave!! Lori


nope. can't do it. unfortunately, i still freak out at spiders and now Peanut is just as silly about them as i am


I got the heebie jeebies just looking at that thing on the screen.

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