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I LOVE that bag! So cute the way you stitch Rebecca's drawings.


i love the idea of the bag! and it's so thoughtful, as well as personal since it's her drawing.

i also really like the CD invitation idea. what a festive and adorable way to do invitations!


I'm going to officially take myself out of the running for mom of the year, since you clearly have it all wrapped up! LOLOLOL! Seriously tho... cutest bag ever!


hey there!

i couldn't get yer email addies from here so could ya email me and i'll send you the pics? jekinthebox at google (g) mail....;)

thanks for playing today! i had fun!


What an awesome effort Michelle! I so adore the tote bag and the invites are such a fantastic idea. Can't wait to see the tutorial too - but first, hope you get some much needed rest. Congratulations on your little one's graduation from Kinder :-)


You are so creative! The bag is beautiful and I know R's teacher must have loved it.

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