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I definitely think it's good enough! The block looks really nice and I didn't notice the things you pointed out until I looked at it closely.


The colours for your Block of the Month Quilt is gorgeous. I love those blocks, the Pocahontas one is really pretty even if some points got chopped off. I say it's perfect just the way it is!


Yes, it is good enough. :-) No one will know unless you tell them.
I really like the fabrics you chose.

Bonnie Minor

I thnk your BOM looks great as it is. If anyone notices anything and has the nerve to tell you about it - yell at them to "Step back" they're too close to the quilt! LOL

and I love your comment about having ot live to be 122... I say that all the tiem too that I'm gonna have to live to be a hundred to get everything I want to do made! However I am secretly praying that my kids will one day wnat to quilt and then we can teamwork production line style and make all the things on my wish list. :c) ~bonnie

Bonnie Minor

PS - forgot to mention I love the colors of your BOM.... did they come as a kit? or did you select them? either way, they are lovely. ~bonnie

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