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I like all of your projects! Your quilt block is beautiful. If it makes you feel any better, I often feel disjointed with my knitting and sewing. A project can be one step away from being complete and I can't make myself get to it. Is there a support group for this? :)


I permanantly feel disjointed when I work. I have to control myself to finish one thing at a time as there is so much inspiration around. I have just blogged some crochet hexagons - if there isn't already a flickr group, we should start one! Happy Easter!


You might be all over the place but there's so much to be done, so little time. You are not alone, believe me!


I too was feeling really disjointed, specially last week. Maybe it's the change in seasons, the weather or all the pressures from real life. I fight it a bit everyday and try to move forward. Whatever there is to do?
Beautiful work! I think you're wining the battle.


Your embroidery project is so sweet! I guess I have to follow the link back... is that one of the girls' artwork?


Wow - that's a great range of projects!

I'm feeling like that too at the moment - can't seem to concentrate on one thing. Hoping this feeling will pass soon!


I think I have been in the exact same funk for about a month or so now. maybe it's this time of year??? hope you are feeling less funky soon!

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