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Sorry to hear everyone is sick - it's so hard taking care of poorly little ones, let alone with you being sick too!

As for the bag, I wouldn't do anything with it right now - but when you're feeling stronger I would think about just how much it is likely to annoy you - will you even see it that often? I think it looks pretty as it is, and I'd be tempted to leave it, just this once ;-)


Leave it. It's quirkiness is really cute and original.


I'd leave it! I do stuff like that all the time. It really only happens when you should be resting instead of sewing ;) I think all the fabric coordinates enough to go together.

Happy heart day!


I'm sorry you're sick! I'd leave the projects because they still look nice and the girls will love them the way they are.

odd dotty

Yuck! Being sick really stinks, doesn't it? If that were my project, I would have to leave it until I felt a bit better, and could make a clear-headed decision. But, honestly? I think they're cute either way!


I'd give them the way they are, along with the story that goes with them.

Things happen for reason.

Hope you feel better soon (girls too). I am wondering what your next project might be :)


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